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Outward Bound Adventures (OBA) is the oldest non-profit in the nation created and dedicated to providing outdoor education, conservation and environmental learning expeditions for primarily low income, urban and rural youth and their families who would not otherwise have the opportunity to experience time spent in wild places and open spaces.

The OBA office is located on the campus of John Muir High School at 

1905 Lincoln Avenue, Pasadena, CA 91103, Room G224

Office Number is (626) 564-0844

PFAR In Action (PFARIA) is the non-profit division and charitable foundation of PFAR. We focus on addressing community issues and supporting human service-based non-profits specializing in preventing and remediating community issues within the Pasadena-Foothills community. 

You can help in various ways. From a simple donation to spreading the word, we have plenty of opportunities for everyone to get involved! Let’s do what we can to extend ourselves to those in our communities who need our help the most.

Do you have a cause that you would like us to foster and support?
If so, please feel free to email us at
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What is a Wild Heart Mama?


Motherhood is isolating enough, come out and meet some mamas.
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Empowering Growth & Change

On Friday, April 21st, 2023 the Pasadena-Foothills Association of REALTORS® (PFAR) collaborated with the Pasadena Unified School District (PUSD), Pasadena Educational Foundation (PEF), and Pasadena Education Network (PEN) to host their first PUSD Certification Course for 2023. The course’s main objective is to provide REALTORS® with comprehensive knowledge about the current Pasadena public school system, including its excellent academic programs. This course aims to bridge the gap between families new to Pasadena and local educational institutions and empower REALTORS® to serve as ambassadors for PUSD by promoting positive perceptions about the district as experts in the field. 
This understanding can help them provide valuable guidance and information to prospective homebuyers with families who are considering purchasing a home in the district. Moreover, this initiative can contribute to the district’s efforts to build strong relationships with local businesses and organizations, foster community engagement, and ultimately, enhance the quality of education for students.



Community Networking event supporting and celebrating small businesses and women in all industries.
Gallery Address:
600 South Lake Avenue, #102
Pasadena, CA 91106

Working with me, you’ll find a home in the neighborhood where you want to live, one that fits your budget and meets your goals for features, quality, and value. 

When the sale begins, it’s important to work with someone who will assist you with the paperwork, negotiate on your behalf, make sure deadlines are met, and work with the escrow company.

​Prop 19 Tax Portability Provisions

With the passage of Proposition 19, homeowners may transfer the property tax base of their existing home to a new home anywhere in California. 

Have questions about selling your home or purchasing a home? Send us your inquiry. 

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